Many surveys conducted by the National Pest Management Association show that there has been a huge increase in the number of complaints issued in regards to bed bugs. In most cases bed bugs are not even observed early because they start off in very small clusters which are hard to detect until these bugs are overtaking the environment.

In most cases average pesticides have become unsuccessful in eradicating bed bugs but when you put together a well organised game plan it can definitely help you get rid of the bed bugs. We suggest that you treat your environment naturally to prevent any psychological or health related problem that pesticides carry. Here are some steps to take to start dealing with your bed mite problem:

Identify your BedBug Problem

These bugs are known to reside close to where occupants sleep as they don’t have to go far to feed on your blood which is how they survive. So you should begin searching around the area you sleep, start by looking for dark dots and blood smears which are left behind from squashed bed bugs or could be their living area. The most common spots to look for these signs would be in areas such as headboards, mattresses, pillows, bed frames and furniture.

Clean and De-clutter your Home Top to Bottom

After you determine where the infestation is located, you are going to need to pay extra attention to cleaning it as this is the source of your problem. If there is any clutter in this area be sure to clear it up and reduce hiding place that the bed bugs may resort too, you can also seal any cracks or crevices near floorboards. Bed bugs are small insects that can hide themselves very quickly as they are very fast.

Be sure to wash all your bedding and let them dry out in the sun or heat for a few hours longer. You should also pay extra attention to your clothing and be sure to wash them and place them in sealed containers which would suffocate any eggs or mites.

Vacuum the Floors and Furniture

You should also pay extra attention to corners and edges of your room walls and flooring. Vacuuming the entire carpet area many times throughout the day will help kill any eggs or prevent them from making home there. The best practise would be to make use of a steam cleaner to steam clean your rugs and furniture. The best method to keep bedbugs from living in your mattress is to cover them with zip tight plastic covers. You should go as far to get plastic coverings for your pillows so they can not get out and die.

The easiest way to get rid of Bed Bugs is to use the proper treatments that actually work, I realize this is a problem that requires urgent attention, so if you want to get rid of your bed bugs visit

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