Are you having problems with bedbugs at your home? Worry no more because here are ways on how to get rid of bedbugs.

First, if you have the money to spend, you may call a professional to do it for you. A pest control company can treat your mattress, carpet, furniture, and sheets to get rid of the bedbugs. If the bedbugs are confined in your mattress, inspect it to see the extent of the infestation. If there are too many cracks, holes, or tears, you have to throw this out. Bedbugs love to live in those crevices. If the infestation is still manageable, you can get rid of bedbugs by following these methods.

Inspect for bedbug infestation. Look at your mattress, drawers, dressers, furniture, carpet, and bed linens. Identify where bedbugs inhabit. For clothes and bed linens, launder these in hot water. If this can’t be done, try exposing your garments and linens under the sun. This can work.

Check walls and floors as well. Look for cracks and crevices as these can be possible habitats for bedbugs. Scrub infested areas to remove eggs. Thoroughly vacuum floors, furniture, carpet, mattress, and any infested area. Discard the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag. Any cracks in the walls and floors must be sealed.

After identifying and vacuuming the infested areas, apply residual insecticides. Look for the type designed for bedbugs. And make sure that you read the product label and follow the instructions for application. Be cautious in handling the insecticide.

Some pesticides require that the infested area be vacuumed again while others don’t. After treatment, cover the mattress in a zippered plastic container. This makes sure that in case of another infestation, any bedbug remaining in the mattress will be trapped there.

Leave the cover in place for a year or more since bedbugs can survive very long without eating.

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