Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped, brown, flat insect with no wings. It feasts on the human blood and are usually active at night. In the recent times, the bedbugs are dispersing at a faster pace in railway stations, houses, inns, motels, buses and other kinds of vehicles. People often wonder about the number of eggs these bedbugs would lay, so as to increase in number.

To begin with, bedbugs are similar to insect and would reproduce really fast. There are different kinds of bedbugs as well – the ones that feed on the human blood and there are others which feed on other warm-blooded animals. Approximately, the female bedbugs would lay 300 eggs in a year. However, in a life span, the female bedbug can lay up to 1000 eggs. Therefore, they are constantly increasing in number and it becomes essential to eliminate them at the earliest. It lays a maximum of three eggs in a day after mating. The eggs would be hatched in about 10 days.

Bedbugs have a long life and they can live for 18 months without sucking on the human blood, hence removing a bedbug infestation is an overwhelming task. The female bedbugs would mostly conceal their eggs on crevices, under the bedding, on the headboard as well as other places between the furniture. The rate of invasion is commonly decided by the number of eggs laid by the female bedbug. Also, while eliminating these bedbugs, you must also ensure that the eggs are killed as well, or else there are greater chances of a re-infestation.

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