Do you have bedbugs? If you do, you are most likely searching for ways to get these aggravating bugs out of your home. In recent years, bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly more common. They are found in households across the country in states like New York, Florida and others. If you are making an attempt to get rid of bedbugs, these 5 points may make it simpler.

1. Clean up. If your house is packed with clutter, finding and getting rid of bedbugs will be more difficult. Reduce clutter, especially in the bedroom areas as much as feasible. Remove toys, bedding and covers from the area as well. These should be diligently vacuumed and then treated with chemicals that destroy bed bugs. Since bedbugs can live up to a year without having food, you have got to find and eliminate them rather than just wishing they will go away.
2. Look for them. Bedbugs are small and experts at hiding. If you have an infestation, look for their hiding places. Holes on bed frames, in your mattresses and in your wall are typical places to look. Consider dismantling your bed frame so that you can better locate hiding places. Also look under your mattress and on the bottom of drawers.
3. Wash infested clothing and linens in hot water. Make sure it is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The hotter the better. Scrub down room surfaces with hot water and soap as well. Diligently vacuum rooms and consider having the carpets cleaned using steam and strong cleansers.
4. Insecticide will probably be needed. You will need to treat affected areas, rooms and mattresses numerous times. It is best to spray at least 3 times about a week and a half apart. One treatment will not take care of the issue. Make sure you finish multiple treatments.
5. Lastly, watch for potential infestations. Use a flashlight in a dark room to thoroughly examine furniture and bedding searching for small bugs, excrement and various other signs. Seal up cracks, holes and other hiding places to help avoid future problems.

These tips will help you get over a bedbug infestation in your home. Getting rid of them can be a lot of work so be patient throughout the process.

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