I am pretty sure you know how a mosquito bite looks like. It is reddish and raised. But what if you have the same bite marks but no mosquito can be found anywhere in your house? It can be a flea bite. Check if it has a red dot in the center. If none, that is not a flea bite as well. It can be a bedbug bite!

A bedbug bites during the night, although it not nocturnal. And the bites usually have a pattern like 3 or more in a row. A bedbug bites humans or warm-blooded animals for blood, which is their food. Its name came from its preferred habitat: mattress or sofa.

When a bedbug bites, it can leave marks that can appear immediately or even days after. Bites can be flat or raised, pinkish or red. It really depends on a person’s reaction to the bites. Therefore, to be sure, it is important to detect the presence of bedbugs.

People have different reactions to the bites. Some don’t feel any itch at all. Others don’t get to sleep because of the relentless itching. And rarely, bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions. Although bedbug bites don’t carry any disease, you can do something to relieve the pain and itching.

You can apply warm water to the bites. Remember that it should be warm enough to cause a bit discomfort. If it isn’t warm enough, it will only make the lesions get worse. Or you can use systemic corticosteroids or antihistamines. Both drugs relieve itching and burning but these don’t do anything with the lesions. To treat both the lesions and itching, topical corticosteroids are effective. While you still feel itchy do not scratch. It may take a few days to a few weeks before the lesions disappear.

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