As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But sometimes prevention just does not work and the cure needs to be brought in. When dealing with bed bugs in New York it is often another resident in the building that brings the pests in and leaves you dealing with the problem. There are a number of “solutions” out there that end up causing more problems than they solve. However, there is an eco-friendly way to rid an apartment or dwelling of these nasty little creatures. It is a method that is safe and just as effective as poisoning them (if not more so).

Where Might the Bed Bugs be Hiding?

The first step in the process is to determine just where the bugs reside. Their name implies that they live in the bed. But that is not the only place they are going to be found. Bed bugs prefer sheets and mattresses because of the numerous places they can hide. But as with all other crawling creatures they can be found anywhere else, including:

kitchen cabinets
electrical boxes
and more!

Canines to Sniff out Your Bed Bugs

Since they are so small and difficult to see, another location device needs to be implemented. Bring in the dogs! Dogs have such an amazing sense of smell they can determine just where the bed bugs are living in order to pinpoint treatment areas. Rather than bug-bomb the entire house or apartment, get rid of the problem at the source.

Once the critters have been located, a person could pump in the poison to kill them.

After they poison the bugs they will have to wait until it all dissipates and hope there is no residue left over to make them sick.

Or they can use the latest technology. Cryonite uses extreme temperatures to destroy the bed bugs where they lie. By freezing them and the surrounding area, Cryonite is just as effective as harsh chemicals and poisons; yet it is eco-friendly and safe for humans. Whereas a bug-bomb requires a person to be gone for an entire day to allow the poisons to diffuse, Cryonite allows the tenants to be back in their apartment immediately after treatment.

Where to Find a Bed Bugs New York Exterminator

If you are suffering from bed bugs New York, then you need to look into this method of treatment and rid yourself of what is perhaps the biggest pest plague in the city today. How can you find the solution to all your troubles? Online of course.

Simply go to your favorite search engine and type in “bed bug exterminators” or something similar. Make sure you include the location, such as New York, Queens, or Manhattan.

Once you hit the search button you will find plenty of companies who will be fighting for your business. Remember you are looking for someone who uses Cryonite as well as canine bed bug detection. You certainly do not want someone coming in and spraying your home with toxic chemicals.

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